OPPEIN History


● Founded in 1994, OPPEIN was China’s pioneer in modern industrial kitchen manufacturing. Since then, we have been consistently devoted to bettering kitchens and homes worldwide.


● The construction of the 15,000 square meter Owell Stone plant is completed. The plant now starts to manufacture and process solid surfaces, acrylic composite surfaces and quartz stone slabs. Owell Stone is now one of the top ten artificial stone

● After rapid expansion, there are now 100+ showrooms nationwide.


● Jianggao headquarters, which covers 24,000 square meters, begins operation. As a result, the daily output of kitchens increases to 320 sets and bathroom vanities to 120 sets. Optima becomes the largest cabinetry manufacturer in China.


● Optima starts to expand internationally, setting up its first overseas office in the USA.

● Optima is selected by the Ministry of Construction to the drafting team of Residential Kitchen Standards


● Optima is chosen to be the chairman of the China Furniture & Decoration Chamber Committee.

● Optima launches its brand plan and solidifies its leading role in the kitchen industry.


● Optima is the first in the industry to be certified by the CCEL(China Certification for Environmental Labelling Products). The CCEL is the only authoritative environmental certification in China and gives credit for practices in environmental sustainability, including low emissions and the use of green materials.

● The Home Furniture Division is established to produce and market wardrobes and other customized furniture products.

● With the dramatic growth of overseas business, Optima products are now in 118 countries.


● Optima is named “China’s Top Brand” by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.


● Optima is named “China’s Well-Known Trademark” by the State Administration of Industry & Commerce.

● The new 105,000 square meter headquarters, which houses carcase, solid wood and lacquer plants, the logistics center, and offices, is put to use. This becomes Optima’s largest production center and is still expanding today.


● We start using the new trademark, OPPEIN, and change the company name from Guangzhou Optima Enterprise Co., Ltd to OPPEIN Home Group Inc.

● The Interior Door Division is established to produce and market wooden doors. It becomes one of the top 10 door brands in China in 2015.


● OPPEIN continues rapidly expanding. In order to increase its capacity and facilitate logistics in Northern China to meet the growing demand, the 500,000 square meter Tianjin plant is constructed.

● OPPEIN becomes the largest cabinetry manufacturer in Asia and has 3000+ international showrooms.


● An additional 4-story, 6,000 square meter showroom is completed. This showroom houses all our new products, including kitchens, wardrobes, home furniture, bathrooms, doors, and more.


● In order to bring in state-of-the-art design ideas, OPPEIN works with Italian designers and studios.

● An office is set up in Milan to promote research and design cooperation.


● OPPEIN expands its product line and starts implementing Full House Solution.

● With its flourishing success in overseas markets, OPPEIN sets up offices in Kenya, India, Australia, and Malaysia.




● The number of showrooms around the world has now grown to surpass 4,200.

● In order to better serve the emerging younger generation, OPPEIN launches its secondary brand “Oppolia”.


● 750,000+ sets of kitchens, 1,050,000+ home furniture, 350,000+ bathrooms, and 600,000+ interior doors are produced annually.

●OPPEIN products are exported and recognized by 150 countries.

●OPPEIN solidifies its position as a market leader.

●On Mar, 28, 2017, OPPEIN went public on Shanghai Stock Exchange. The company aims to fund capital to further expand its capacity, enhance its global brand awareness, as well as reinforce its Informatization performance.